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Adventures in Video Land

I’ve been involved in photography for 40 years. I have a Nikon in a closet somewhere to prove it, too. At one time I was a professional photographer using Nikons and Hasselblads (and an SWC) and even owned a Linhof Teknika for a time. I grew bored with the whole thing when I felt I was spending more time taking photos than engaging in the activity I wanted to document.

A few months back I bought a digital Olympus Stylus Tough 6000 waterproof digital point-and-shoot camera and have enjoyed using it. It’s the first digital camera I’ve owned with enough resolution to be useful but its video capabilities have been disappointing. Fun, but still disappointing.

So for Christmas my wife asked me if I wanted a GoPro Hero video cam I

The GoPro Hero - taken with the Olympus

jumped at the chance to get involved more in making videos. Maybe I’ll decide that it’s not as much fun as I think it will be. Maybe not. At any rate it’s something new and it’s applicable to almost everything I do outdoors including cross-country skiing, mountain biking and kayaking.

And the fact that she found it used on Amazon and could use a coupon to buy it was even nicer. Under $100 investment. How could we go wrong?

Possibly in many, many ways. But it seems like a good idea.

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