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San Juan Islands – July 2009

Four days in Washington State’s San Juan Islands using a mothership to facilitate paddling a kayak around the many waterways and anchorages.

Odds and Ends

The fuel uptake issue has been a major hurdle in preparing the Muthah-Ship for safe and reliable operation. During our first on-the-water operation of the Carver we could not get over 2500RPM which meant that the boat could not get onto a plane and reach design speeds of 15 to 20 kts. Although we intend […]

The Shakedown Cruise

It was supposed to be just a cruise but ended up testing several of the systems I had installed as safety features; like the 9.9 hp Mercury 4-stroke outboard on the transom and the Zodiac.

The Best Equipped 25-foot, 37-year old Cabin Cruiser in North America

What it takes to have the best equipped 37-year old 25-foot cabin cruiser in the Pacific Northwest or maybe even all of North America.

Three Days of the Muthah-Ship

Three days staying at the dock in Oak Harbor aboard my kayaking mothership “Add Hock”

Dave Kruger’s Bartender in the Gulf Islands

Dave Kruger is an Astoria, Oregon based kayaking pal whose posts on Paddlewise (www.paddlewise.net to join the email list) and on West Coast Paddlers (www.westcoastpaddlers.com) are very popular and entertaining reads. (Catch his story archive at http://www.kayaktrips.net/sea-kayak/cat_dave_kruger.html .) Dave has also moved to a “mothership” form of cruising and over the past two years has […]

Launching the Muthah-Ship

Yesterday, April 25, 2009 at 2pm we launched the muthah-ship at the Oak Harbor, WA marina on Whidbey Island. This marina is only about 15nm from Deception Pass and 20nm from the San Juan Islands (unless you count the island Anacortes is on as one of the San Juans – as some people do). We […]

Planning Trips using Digital Charts

Just a few short years ago I would have had to drag out paper charts in order to plan a kayak trip. As a retired merchant marine officer I have a collection of charts gleaned from those we would have normally discarded from our ship’s navigation library. However the charts still had value for planning […]