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Igniting a Spark

Kindergarten kids from Royal City, WA Red Rock Elementary get an introduction to kayaking by Moses Lake paddler Craig Jungers.

Paddling Eagle Pass – Banks Lake

Kayaking and camping the Eagle Pass area at Steamboat Rock on Banks Lake near the city of Grand Coulee in north central Washington State

San Juan Islands – July 2009

Four days in Washington State’s San Juan Islands using a mothership to facilitate paddling a kayak around the many waterways and anchorages.

The Kayaker’s Friend

Powerboat too close to the edge of the channel

Odds and Ends

The fuel uptake issue has been a major hurdle in preparing the Muthah-Ship for safe and reliable operation. During our first on-the-water operation of the Carver we could not get over 2500RPM which meant that the boat could not get onto a plane and reach design speeds of 15 to 20 kts. Although we intend […]

The Best Equipped 25-foot, 37-year old Cabin Cruiser in North America

What it takes to have the best equipped 37-year old 25-foot cabin cruiser in the Pacific Northwest or maybe even all of North America.

Kids will be Kids

Introducing two bright and capable kids to kayaking is one of the most rewarding jobs in the world.

A Slight Digression

A 1974 Streamline Princess R/V trailer can also enhance your kayaking adventures by providing a comfortable basecamp even at inland paddling locations.

Dave Kruger’s Bartender in the Gulf Islands

Dave Kruger is an Astoria, Oregon based kayaking pal whose posts on Paddlewise (www.paddlewise.net to join the email list) and on West Coast Paddlers (www.westcoastpaddlers.com) are very popular and entertaining reads. (Catch his story archive at http://www.kayaktrips.net/sea-kayak/cat_dave_kruger.html .) Dave has also moved to a “mothership” form of cruising and over the past two years has […]

A Skin-on-Frame Version of a Composite Kayak

Building the F-1 designed by Brian Schulz of www.capefalconkayak.com based on the Mariner Coaster. A seven-day skin-on-frame workshop in Manzanita, Oregon.