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When Good Outdoor Gear Goes Bad

We’ve all had camping equipment become defective from time to time. A tent pole that breaks, kayak skegs that leak, hiking boots that don’t fit any more and cause blisters. But sometimes you get gear that actually turns on you… that tries to kill you. If there is anything that is ubiquitous in the camping/hiking/kayaking […]

Impervious to Harm

Modern people seem to have lost the ability to recognize real danger.

The Complexities of Sea Kayaking

Complex but subtle dangers in sea kayaking can lull novices into complacency and create problems.

In Praise of the Coaster

An amateur kayak designer and builder from Seattle produces a design which becomes the almost legendary Mariner Coaster and when production of the commercial version ceases a skin-on-frame builder and paddler in Oregon continues the line with construction seminars all over the world.

Double-Header Weekend

Pam in her Illusion and me in my Mariner II paddled a few miles on Moses Lake to put the cap on a weekend that included cross-country skiing with my family at the Nordic Center at White Pass just west of Yakima in Washington State.

Thank You Global Warming

Global warming has lengthened the paddling season on Moses Lake. Normally we’d be ice skating this time of year. Instead, I get one or two last paddles when the sun is out and the air temp rises.

This is how we know winter is here!

We can tell winter is here by looking out the window at Moses Lake. Every year this arm of the lake freezes solid from about the middle of November until the middle of March.

Different Cultures – Different Highways

The Lewis River, along with all the rivers that flow into the Columbia west of Portland, Oregon, was the freeway used by Native Americans to advance their civilization before the white man. By about 1880 that civilization had virtually disappeared. Today you can see little evidence that 50,000 people lived within 15 or 20 miles of the Lewis River.

So You Think It’s Easy Living on a Lake?

Maybe it’s easy living on the lake after all.

2009 West Coast Sea Kayak Symposium

Held in Port Townsend, WA every year since about 1984, the West Coast Sea Kayak Seminar has remained the premier single event learning experience in the Pacific Northwest.