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Ancient Pathways – the Cariboo Trail

I rode my bike, a WalMart Mongoose Deception 29er mountain bicycle, up a portion of the Cariboo Trail near Soap Lake, Washington over Memorial Day weekend in 2011.

Moving Back to Linux

With my laptop in pieces and my budget too small for a Mac I turned to the only available alternative: Linux

Adventures in Video Land

I’ve been involved in photography for 40 years. I have a Nikon in a closet somewhere to prove it, too. At one time I was a professional photographer using Nikons and Hasselblads (and an SWC) and even owned a Linhof Teknika for a time. I grew bored with the whole thing when I felt I […]

Winter Sports

Ice skating at the Moses Lake ice rink is free for at least this year and has become a traditional Wednesday event for our extended family. Paddling is on hold and there is not enough snow for cross-country skiing in the Cascades.

Doheny Beach, CA in the Princess

Camping at Doheny Beach State Park in Dana Point, California made a great base for visiting missions, kayaking, and shopping in Southern California.

This is how we know winter is here!

We can tell winter is here by looking out the window at Moses Lake. Every year this arm of the lake freezes solid from about the middle of November until the middle of March.

Deception Pass is for Sissies

Get your paddle wet at Deception Pass by understanding the tides and currents

Playing Catchup

Introducing new paddlers to the joys of skin on frame kayaks.

Kids will be Kids

Introducing two bright and capable kids to kayaking is one of the most rewarding jobs in the world.

Launching the Muthah-Ship

Yesterday, April 25, 2009 at 2pm we launched the muthah-ship at the Oak Harbor, WA marina on Whidbey Island. This marina is only about 15nm from Deception Pass and 20nm from the San Juan Islands (unless you count the island Anacortes is on as one of the San Juans – as some people do). We […]